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MarQes D is a 12-year-old WNY native. His passions have always been to be helpful and nice so he can do the work of God. At the age of 5 he had his first public speaking engagement. The MarQes Enterprises formerly named, “The MarQes Store”, uses various spaces and platforms to provide Motivational and Inspirational speaking. He inspires others to acknowledge that you are never too young to be your best self. Throughout the years he has maintained an Honor Roll status he enjoys playing drums, soccer and piano. He plays golf occasionally. He has participated in school chorus, band, stage crew and choir. He is a member of True Bethel Baptist Church and Boys 2 Men.

MarQes sells Inspirational items at local vendor fairs and markets. He started a project called Cards 4 Seniors! He loves senior citizens and they always like it when he encourages them. The project was created to give back to the Senior Citizens’ community. Whenever the opportunity presents itself he visits the nursing home and residential facilities. He always tries to leave a lasting impression on people and the world.He is currently working on a new project that will utilize his videotaping skills to highlight young entrepreneurs in documentary form. TME is also in the planning stages for a Podcast and Youtube channel.